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This is a fantastic Orthotics and Prosthetics practice. They are great at their craft. Importantly, unlike some of the national O&P chains, they do not oversell expensive braces- they recommend to patients the brace that is the most mechanically sound that the patient will wear regularly. They have many trial braces to try out at their office. This is a great advantage as often insurance will cover only one brace for 3-5 years-you want to get the right one! Terrific nice people with outstanding skills!
Erik E

I’ve been a patient with Artisan for over 10 years and have always been delivered a quality product. Warren and the technicians there really know what they are doing. They listen to my issues and make the appropriate modifications for a comfortable fitting socket and working knee. With their help, I was able to improve my gait and participate in a running clinic. The front desk staff were very cooperative and worked with me with my insurance. This is not an easy process and I was glad to have such an experienced staff help me with the claims over the years.
Jaime M

I got a referral to Artisan Orthotic Prosthetic Technologies, Inc. for a knee brace. They were able to get me an appointment quickly and worked with my schedule. They worked seamlessly with my 2 insurance companies (Moda & Tricare). At the appointment, I got a thorough evaluation, options offered, and the best advice for using the brace going forward. I could tell that they cared a lot about getting everything right, and not just about getting the reimbursement right. There was obvious experience and knowledge in all aspects, and I recovered faster than I thought. Although I hope I don’t need their services again, they’ll be my first choice if needed.
Charlie M

I have been getting my orthotics from Artisan for several years. They are the BEST! Their prices are extremely reasonable, and the quality of the product is excellent! I have happy feet with their orthotics. Thank you, Artisan!
Joan A

My experience with them has been incredible. I have been an amputee for 17 years. I switched to them seven years are. They have gone out of their way to make a limb that I can ride a bike with and I did. I rode all over Oregon.
Ron S