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ARTISAN Orthotic and Prosthetic Technologies

At Artisan, amputation is not the end, it’s the beginning. When patients choose a prosthetic provider, they are in a state of shock, grief, or serious illness. We travel with them on their journey into this new life, helping them navigate the way.

Ryan Keele, CPO, is the soul behind Artisan. Growing up, Ryan saw first-hand the effects amputation has not only on the individual but on the entire family unit. Ryan’s father lost his leg at the young age of 25. Ryan understands that having a well-fitting, custom-designed prosthesis is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Life needs it, families need it.

Throughout Ryan’s career, in large and small facilities, Level 1 trauma, or out-patient settings, in cities big and small, this one thing has remained the same: THE NEED. His patients’ NEED to live a functional life, or even an extraordinary one. Their stories, their courage…for over 20 years he has been witness to it all, inspired by each and every person.

Prosthetics are both an art and a science. Using his creativity and mechanical mind to mold the outcomes, Ryan helps each patient thrive. There is no greater joy. With candid communication, cutting-edge prosthetic technology and methods, coupled with years of patient care experience and a personal perspective, Artisan will provide an unmatched experience from the beginning and beyond.
Ryan’s vision has been to open a specialized facility where the patient’s individual needs are always the number one priority. That is Artisan.

Ryan Keele, BOCOP

Ryan is fully accredited by BOC to provide orthotic and prosthetic services. Ryan is certified in the most novel technological advancements in prosthetics, including microprocessors and I-Limb, and is a master of metal skills and composites. He also holds certifications in C-Leg, M.A.S. Socket, HiFi, Proprio Foot, CAD-CAM, Comfort Flex, and Insignia.

Outside of work Ryan enjoys the outdoors, playing guitar, and relaxing with his wife and two young children.